Dating Your Spouse

John and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary!

We recently dealt with some marital issues and through them I learned some valuable information that I feel like would be beneficial for all married couples.

Our argument centered around the fact that John and I have been struggling with communicating our needs with one another, a common issue with many couples.

In the heat of the moment, we both threw out some nasty things and said things that neither of us meant and just wanted to hurt the other more than we were hurting.

I went to a friend and the first question they asked was “when was the last time we had gone on a date..just the TWO of us?”

I was embarrassed to look back and realize how long it had been and I hadn’t realized it.

Sure, we had gotten out of the house together, but it was always with the kids or with friends. We hadn’t made time for ourselves in months!

If we were dating and hadn’t gone on a date in months, then we would’ve lost interest with each other and moved on. We got so caught up in our nonstop, busy lives, that we forgot to stop and take time to nurture our relationship as husband and wife!

Once I realized this, I sat down to try to figure out what I could do as an anniversary gift to try to make the situation better.

The solution was a date night book, I sat down and decided that we were going to commit to 1 date night per month. Using the magical powers of google, I curated an entire year of date nights, all unique and tailored just for the 2 of us! Some, I pre-purchased, and some are flexible. I will create a separate post of all the ideas I planned for us for my next post and will link it here when it goes up.

The point is, now that we have plans pre made, we are more likely to keep the date regardless of how busy each other is.

There is no downside to getting to spend more quality time with the man you fell in love with, married and created a life with. I can not wait to go on all the dates and grow our relationship even more!

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